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For an individual PI this is someone who, either alone or with one or more persons on a joint account, or wholly own a corporation which has as its principal business the holding of investments, having a portfolio of not less than HK$8 million or equivalent at the relevant date.

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Risk Disclosure: Prospective investors should ensure that they understand the nature of investing in private companies and the extent of their exposure to associated risks and that they consider the suitability of investing in private companies as an investment in the light of their own circumstances and financial condition. Investing in private companies may involve a high degree of risk and potential investors should be prepared to sustain a loss of all or part of their investment. Risks include but are not limited to A) Illiquid investments: By their nature, investments in private market securities are illiquid or restricted and exposure to such investment should only be acquired by investors willing to commit funds for an uncertain period of time, B) Limited or no information: Investors are solely responsible for conducting their own due diligence and Gateway Private Markets (HK) Limited or any of our respective affiliates shall in no way be responsible for assisting investors with their investment decisions or any due diligence in respect thereof. Information commonly used by investors to evaluate opportunities including financials, forecasts, business plans and so on, are not made available to investors as private companies are under no obligation to furnish such information, C) Valuations may not be based on verifiable information that would allow current or future valuations of private companies to be justified. It is the responsibility of prospective investors to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge, experience and professional advice to make their own legal, financial, tax, accounting and other business evaluation of the merits and risks of investing in private companies and are not relying on the advice of Gateway Private Markets (HK) Limited or any issuer/dealer in that regard. Please contact us for a full discussion on the risks of investing in private companies.